Hi. I’m Michelle. I design things. Powerful (and pretty) things.

Why? Because I fiercely believe that Your Voice Matters. Yes! Your Voice. And, when enough of us unapologetically share our voices we will change the world. 

I design for coaches, authors, entrepreneurs, non-profits, businesses and organizations. Anyone who wants to use their words and their work to make a meaningful difference … in a life … a heart … the world. And I do it in a way that controls your budget and encourages massive amounts of creative freedom + flow. The result? Your message blazes with more consistency. More visibility. More resonance. More connection. And more heart. And your budget? Totally handled.

I create mandalas from empowering words. You can color them … use them in your business or practice … or order your very own journey mandala to help you manifest that thing you most want to bring into your life. Mandala energy is powerful. And pretty. Invite it into your life for inspiration, meditation, insight, manifestation, stress-relief + fun. 

Whether you’re here for the design, the mandalas, or the Cool Free Stuff I love to create … I’ve sharpened my brightest colors just for you. Just click-click on whatever lights you up. Ready? Go …

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