6843d_Bios_Michelle_195x363Me and My Crayons …

Ever since I was a little girl and opened my first Big Box of 64 Crayons, I knew I was born to create.

I loved everything about those crayons. To me they were magic. They were so much more than sky blue, burnt sienna or carnation pink. Those crayons were possibility … the doorway to everything I could imagine. When I had a crayon in my hand I was home.

In my twenties I discovered I could get paid to create. Imagine that? Getting paid to do the thing that made my heart sing! I became a graphic designer and have completed over 7,000 design jobs for hundreds of businesses, coaches, authors and non-profit organizations.

And now, today, I’m creating something more …
my dream life.


I Took a Journey to Get to My Dream …

I love graphic design. But a few years ago the singing in my heart began to fade. I felt like there was something more I was meant to do. Something deeper and more meaningful was calling me. It has been quite a journey to get from hearing that first call to where I am now … but here I am.

Today, I still design, but now I do it in a way that once again makes my heart sing out loud!


Today I …

Use my intuition to amp up my design, and give the projects I create greater clarity … more mojo … more beauty.

Make my difference in the world by working with people who are passionate about making their difference.

Work with gorgeous-heart people and organizations who understand that intuitive (and intelligent) graphic design can amplify their messages … and make them more resonate to the people they are meant to serve.

Rely on a business model based on the concepts of equal energy exchange and creative freedom and flow. It fills my life with ease and grace and allows my design peeps to control their budgets … while letting their creativity soar.

Help authors experience that oh-so-amazing feeling of holding their printed books in their hands for the first time … books exquisitely designed to capture the heart of message and make potential readers say, “Yes, please!”

Create mandalas from empowering words and then turn them into art, coloring books, coach-assisting-tools, journey-partners and Cool Free Stuff.

Today I am doing what my heart knew I would be doing when I picked up that first carnation pink crayon so many years ago.


I Believe That …

One Voice Can Change a World and Every Voice Matters.

Your Voice Matters. It is the One Voice someone is waiting for.

You already have everything you need to share your voice. It’s all there for you, right inside your own heart. Right now. You just need to listen. And believe.

Your message is a gift. And, it is far too precious to be wrapped in the “cheapest graphics you can find on the internet.” It deserves beauty and power and love.

Color has a language all its own. And it makes everything better. And brighter. And prettier.

Mandalas are magic.

Sometimes the journey of sharing your message can be a challenge, so it is always easier if you travel with someone who will hold your hand … and your heart.


And a Few Random Things You Might Want to Know …

I’m married to the love of my heart. We will soon celebrate 25 years together.

Our greatest creation is our wise-souled, stunningly beautiful, smart as can be, daughter. (I am an over-the-moon proud mama.)

I am an equally proud step-mama to my gorgeous step-daughter, who has gifted us with three grand-babies. (Do I sound old?)

We have three cats. Shadow is my cuddle buddy. Millie bounces off walls (literally) and Mimi is the most neurotic cat on the planet (literally).

I believe in Angels and Allowing Grace. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that we all have two choices: Love or Fear.

I write in fragmented sentences. Because it feels like my voice. So even though I deeply honor the work of editors, and I am sure it will make them all cringe … I’m doin’ it. Oh, and I adore ellipses. I use them lavishly, and … I know … incorrectly. (Sorry editors and grammar police.) I just gotta do it … because, well, they feel like my voice.

I swear sometimes. And I will most definitely (and unapologetically) drop the occasional F-bomb. Especially on my blog. And in Facebook groups. You have been warned.

I love bright crazy socks (the short ankle kind). I wear them every day, even in the summer … in Phoenix.

I adore heart-based singer/songwriters. Their music touches me deeply. I swear they are singing just for me.

Almost every morning you’ll find me in my spa, watching the desert come alive as the sun rises over the mountains.

My favorite smells are brand new boxes of crayons and the desert after the rain. (Have you ever smelled the desert after the rain? Seriously luscious!)

My best friend is an Angel (literally).


It’s Not Just About Me.
At One Voice Can You Also Get the Love + Talents of …

6843d_Bios_Myra_195x363Myra House

Design Assistant and the
One Who Keeps Me Sane

Myra and I have worked together for 20+ years so she can read my mind and finish my sentences. She also happens to be an amazing designer, and one of the best production managers and project coordinators I know. I create the vision and Myra makes it happen. Myra adds the fine detail to my big picture. She is the one who keeps me sane and the one who makes sure your project is completed on time, with ease and with grace. Once you and I get the design concept down you will be working closely with Myra. YAY for you!


6843d_Bios_Joe_195x363Joe Radomski

Tech Wizard, Business Wrangler and the
Love of My Life

When we work together I’ll share my husband with you. (But you have to promise to give him back.) He is a Virgo (YAY!) so he loves technology and numbers and all the stuff that drives this creative Pisces insane.  Joe and I have been married since 1989 and have worked together building our business since 1994 (and we’re still the best of friends!).  Joe’s the guy behind the scenes making all of this happen. He is a computer whiz and a researcher extraordinaire. (Plus he takes care of all of our admin tasks). He’s also the guy behind the production of all of the books we create.  You’ll get to know Joe when he helps with the production of your book … or sends you an invoice … or takes care of an admin thing … or steps in when I say, “honey, can you fix this?!?!”

So that’s me (and my crew).

Thanks for hanging out with me, and letting me share my story.
I am grateful. I am blessed.
I would be so honored to support you and your gorgeous voice.