Greetings, Gorgeous. Now that our work together is complete, I would so adore your feedback. Please be honest and share your heart. It is the only way I can do more of what worked and fix what maybe didn’t.

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What was the best part of working together to create your gorgeous project?

What would have made our work together even better? What can I do to improve this experience?

How do you feel about your completed project?

How will what we have created help you better share your message?

What would you wnat others to know about working with me?

Anything else you want to share?

Mind if I share your words and what we created on my website and/or social media spaces? If you say yes, hurray! I will take care of everything and be in touch via email for final approval before I share. If you prefer I not share, I totally get it. We will still be forever friends. Either way, I am so grateful for your insights.