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I love creating. And I love giving stuff away. So how perfect is it that I have this page on my site to give away all of the stuff I create?  And, the fact that you are here to receive all of this free stuff? Well, that makes me HAPPY! (Like all caps, exclamation point, happy!)

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New This Month


icon-musings-red_400pxMandala & Musing “I Am Worthy.” With the Fabulous Victoria Barna.

You are worthy beyond measure. Want to feel it and know it in your bones?

Victoria’s luscious reflection and my custom-designed coloring mandala will help you remember and claim “I Am Worthy.”

Download your copy here.




Want to create the next Mandala & … Musing or Music or Meditation?

It’s free to you and it’s free to your peeps. A gorgeous way for new people to experience your words and your work. You bring the musing, the music or the meditation, I create the mandala and together we make magic. Click here for all of the details.



icon-todoodles-blue_400pxTo Do Lists can be snoozy … or stressful. Or they can be fun and full of color!

Lots of blank lines … for making your list your own. Three coloring mandalas … for doodling and playing throughout your day (and reducing that nasty in-the-moment stress). Plus, an affirmation on each page … to remind you that you are made of amazing!

Download ToDoodles.