Here’s How It Works:

1. We have a conversation to determine the level of creative service you will need. During this conversation we explore your dreams, needs, plans and desires.

2. I submit a written proposal/agreement a few days after our initial conversation.

3. We agree on a price and a basic framework to work within. This framework includes a description of the type of support you will receive and a general listing of the types of projects we think we will do together. This framework serves as a guideline only and comes with tons of flexibility. Projects can easily be substituted as long as we both agree that we are staying within the financial framework we have created. This is the heart of the equal energy exchange concept. This is what creates the ability to let the creativity freely flow.

4. You pay me monthly (or bi-weekly if you prefer). You can send a check or pay me via paypal.

5. I become your creative partner. We communicate often. We work as a team. I create graphics to support you and your business. Sometimes you will tell me what project you want me to create. Sometimes I will suggest something to you. Our goal is to share your message consistently, beautifully and powerfully. Even if I am not actively creating something for you I will be holding space and thinking about ways we can share your message. I will be available for mentoring, brainstorming and hand-holding.

6. Once every 3 months we evaluate the agreement to determine if we need to make any adjustments.

7. We continue to work together until the arrangement stops serving one or both of us.

8. Either party can cancel our agreement at anytime, with a 15- day notice.


Here’s How it Does Not Work:

1. You do not have to limit your creativity and your ability to dream. We build room for creative flow right into our agreement.

2. You do not have to figure out how to do it all by yourself. This agreement is structured to provide the support you need to share your message in bold and beautiful ways.

3. This is not a standard retainer agreement. This agreement is based on trust, mutual respect and the concept of an equal energy exchange.

4. I do not track my time. I will not be issuing monthly “accounting of hours” reports.

5. I do not provide estimates for projects (except printing estimates). The equal energy exchange model is designed to eliminate the need for project-by-project estimating.

6. Our agreement is not without boundaries. If your work begins to be more than the framework we have created can hold, we will discuss changing the framework. If it proves to be less we will also discuss changing the framework.

7. You will never receive a surprise invoice. If we need to change the agreement, because the work has gotten bigger than the agreement, it will be “going forward,” not retroactively.