10 tips to help you choose your word or words for your mandala.

  1. The word (or words) you choose needs to be 15 characters or less. Much more than this and the mandala turns into a blobby mess.
  2. Sit with your message. What do you want your people to do, or go deeper with, or gain insight from?
  3. Decide how you want to use your mandala. Do you want people to: Take an action: (I Choose, I Vow, I Remember) Or connect with a feeling, quality or Higher Truth:  (I Am Enough, My Voice Matters, All is Possible)
  4. Make a list of possibilities. Brainstorm. Write down everything that comes to you.
  5. From your list choose the three that most resonate with you
  6. Fine tune. If you are close, but it doesn’t feel quite right, consult a thesaurus. Play with the words.
  7. Ask your higher self (or your guides, or your pendulum or whatever you use to get insight and clarity) for guidance.
  8. Trust your own inner knowing.
  9. Let go of there being a right and wrong. Trust that the perfect mandala will be created for you and your people.
  10. Decide to decide.

About adding a phrase or quote.

I will create your mandala from the word or words you have selected. That energy will be contained in the very essence of the mandala. (Mandala in Sanskrit means circle or container of sacred essence, so we are creating something quite powerful here.) You can reinforce the intention of your mandala by adding a quote or phrase. I will include that (written out in gorgeous type) under your mandala. You can either write something yourself or use a quote you love that enhances your message.

Choosing an intricate or simple mandala.

I can create a mandala that is simple or more intricate. Here are examples of each.

Stuck and need help bouncing ideas around? Email me at:
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