Hi! and Yay!
Ready to create some Mandalas & Magic?

You: create inspiring words, gorgeous music, or power-filled guided meditations.
I love that about you!

I: create coloring mandalas from empowering words.
(I love that about me!)

And I love, love, love giving stuff away. So I created Mandalas & Magic. You share your special brand of magic with me. I amp it up with a custom-designed coloring mandala. I package it in one gorgeous container and then, voila! we have a free gift full of amazing!

We share it with your peeps … and with my peeps … with anyone who wants it … with as many gorgeous hearts as we can!

It’s a beautiful thing. We create something luscious together. And more and more peeps get to know about our brilliant work!

So, are you in? Yes? Sweet!

Just read on to get all of the details to make sure it all makes your heart happy. Then let’s do this. Let’s create Mandalas & Magic.


Here’s how it works:

1.You say yes to the details below and email your photo, a short bio (50 word limit), your url (so I can link back) PLUS your creation (as outlined below) to Michelle at OneVoiceCan dot com:

For Mandalas & Musings: Your edited and proofread musing (limit 700 words, please). Sent as a Word doc or text file.

For Mandalas & Music: Your song (one song only, please). Sent as an mp3, mp4 or m4a file.

For Mandalas & Meditations: Your meditation (limit 20 minutes in length, please). Sent as an mp3, mp4 or m4a file.

2. I check things out to make sure we are a fit. If we are, yay! We move forward and create magic. If we are not I send you an email and (with massive amounts of love) tell you we are not a fit. (Breathe! I am thinking your work is probably awesome.)

3. I custom design a mandala to amp up the power of your creation, and place it all in a gorgeous pdf that will become our free download.

4. I send a proof pdf to you for one review only. You will be able to make one round of changes to your content. Let’s keep this simple and flowing and full of ease and grace, shall we?

5. I make your changes and do a final proofread. Then we will be complete. On the first day of the month our Mandala & Magic will be ready to go live. And then we’ll do a happy dance.

6. I send you a cute little icon for your website with a link to our creation. I will promote our creation in my social media spaces and on my website. I ask you to do the same. (And then maybe we do just one more little happy dance!)

7. Mandalas & Magic is intended to be a gift given freely from the heart with no strings attached. I will not be requiring an email to receive the gift.

8. Our creation will be featured on my home page for one month … and on my Free Stuff page for up to three months. It will then move to the archives. The link you will have will remain active indefinitely, and will link directly to our creation, so you may promote your Mandala & Magic for as long as you like.

9. You retain full rights to your work and I retain full rights to all the other parts and pieces of Mandalas & Magic (excluding your work). If you want to explore creating something to sell on your site or to use in your practice, I’d love that. Let’s talk.

10. The creation of this free gift is intended to be completed with ease and with grace. I have done all I can to create a system that will make this a happy process for both of us. If this process becomes difficult in any way, I will, respectfully, discontinue the creation of our Mandala & Magic. But that’s not gonna happen, cause we are so gonna rock this.

So that’s it, gorgeous heart. If we’re good, and you want to play, just send me your magical stuff and we’ll create beautiful Mandalas & Magic together.

Questions? Contact me here.

Or email me at Michelle at OneVoiceCan dot com.

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