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First thing you’ll notice is that this place is all about color + heart.
Color makes me oh-so-happy. (Plus it’s just full of gorgeous, don’t you think?)

And heart? Well, that’s just how I roll. So if words like “gorgeous heart” make you a little cringe-y then this might not be the place for you.

Psst … even if you don’t want to take the whole fabulous tour thing happenin’ here, scroll on down to the end. It’ll lead you to a free coloring mandala gift, and I don’t want you to miss out.


Why are we here? (The BIG Why behind what I do):

Everything I do … everything I design … is created to help you get your message out of your heart and into the world. Why? Because I Believe That Your Voice Matters. And when enough of us unapologetically share our voices, we will change the world. These aren’t just pretty words. This is what I truly believe.

Want more about me + what I believe? Here you go.


What exactly do I do to help you share your voice? Two things, really. Intuitive Graphic Design and Mandala Art.

Intuitive graphic design = Color + Connection + Heart. Graphic design is more than fonts and pixels and layout to me. I connect with you and the heart of your message, and then I use my 20+ years of design experience to create graphics that feel just right + resonate with your perfect people.

When I say I’m a mandala artist I get two responses. “Oh I love mandalas!” Or, “Mandala? What’s that?”

I create mandalas from empowering words. In Sanskrit the word mandala means, “circle, or container of sacred essence.” So my mandalas are quite literally containers for the sacred essence of the words they hold. They are pretty … and they are powerful. They can help you relax … or meditate. They can help you manifest your dream. They can add even more magic to your message. They can take you on a journey to your SELF and help you remember your heart.


So, Who are my perfect peeps?

I design for coaches, speakers, non-profit organizations and heart-based businesses ready to share their voices and make a difference in the world.

I help authors share their messages through books, ebooks, workbooks, mini books and even coloring books.

I create mandalas for people who love to color. Or for coaches to use in their practices. Or for anyone on a journey to their dream.


How can we work together?

Intuitive Graphic Design … The world needs your voice. That’s why I am so passionate about helping you share your words and your work. Boldly. Beautifully. And often. So I created a way of working together that allows you to control your design budget while letting your creativity soar. You can dive into the details here.

Book Design … Those words you’ve written? They have meaning and purpose. Now you need a book design to energetically match the beauty and power of your words. I’ll hold your heart and your hand and together we’ll make that story come true. Here’s how.

Coloring Mandalas … I love coloring mandalas! For the beauty … the inspiration … the joy. I sell them here. I give them away here. And I gift them to my email loves and my blog tribe. So if you love coloring mandalas (or if you want to discover the joy of coloring mandalas) you can sign up for the email list here or for the blog here.

Journey Mandalas … In my experience, we are all on a journey home to our hearts. These made-just-for-you mandalas help you gain insight and manifest your heart’s desire. Want to explore your own Journey? Click here.

Mandalas for Coaches … The mandalas I create are insightful and meditative. They are a creative way to add more mojo to the magic of your message. To explore creating a custom mandala for your practice click here.

Mandala Art … I will soon(ish) be selling originals, prints and products.

My mandala work seems to have a definite plan for me … a plan that is being revealed step by step. Plus I get some pretty awesome suggestions from my tribe … think Hot Air Balloons, Swimming Pool Medallions, and Tattoos. (All of this is another way of saying things are always changing in mandala land … so stay tuned.)

Psst. I actually did that tattoo thing. You can see it right here.


I’d love to stay in touch. How about you?

Yay! Whether we “work” together or not, I would love to stay in touch and serve your voice in any way I can.

First thing I encourage you to do is sign up for Love Notes. No hype. Just love + Cool Free Stuff sent from my heart to your in-box. Plus a sweet gift with 5 coloring mandalas, 3 songs and 5 musings by me!  Sign up right here.

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If you want to dive deeper you can:

Learn why I dedicated One Voice Can to my gorgeous daughter.

Check out samples of my graphic design and mandala work here.

Read the kind words my gorgeous peeps share from their hearts.

Ask a Question. Or just say hi. Or speak your mind. My in box and my heart are open.

Psst … Here it is! That free gift thing I was talking about!
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