On Leaving the Nest

by Michelle

BirdNest_iStock_5427XSmallEvery year a pair of doves nest right outside our door.

Last spring there were two babes in the nest. After just a few short weeks it was time to fly. Babe one obviously got it right away. “Time to fly. I got this. I just leap, spread my wings and fly.” So she spread her wings. She left the nest. She flew.

Babe two. Not so much. She spread her wings. She stood at the nest’s edge. She tried to push herself off and then… she stopped. She circled the nest, preened her feathers, spread her wings, stood at the edge, tried to push herself off. And again, she stopped. And again and again and again.

Until finally, something happened. Some unknown (and possibly unknowable) thing changed. And babe two, she spread her wings. Took the leap. And flew.

So why did babe one fly with ease while her sweet sister struggled with fear? What finally caused (allowed?) that sweet, frightened one to fly? And in the end does it really matter? Ultimately they both listened to that deep calling from within. They both spread their wings. They both flew.

And here’s an even bigger question.

Which one of these beautiful doves is braver? The one who felt no fear, knew she could do it, spread her wings and flew? Or, the one who, filled with fear, tried time and time again to find her wings, until finally something deep within urged her forward. Until finally, she could no longer hold back. She had to fly. And so she did.

Can I be two doves at once?

Planning and launching One Voice Can, I have been both of those doves.

There have been those brilliant, joy-filled, sacred moments when I have been 100% certain I could do it. No worries, no fear, I just spread my wings and soared.

But more times than not I have been the one paralyzed by fear. Will I succeed? Will I fail? Can I do this? Do I have what I takes?

The truth is, through all the fear, all the questioning, all the starting and stopping, I always knew. Deep inside I always knew… I could, and I would, fly. But before I could fly I had to leave the “this-is-all-so-cozy-and-familiar” safety of the nest. No one was going to do it for me. The only way I could soar was to leap.

And so I did.

Is it your time to fly?

How about you? Are you ready to fly? Do you have a message, a passion, a business idea urging you forward, encouraging you to leave the safety of your own nest? Are you ready to leap, or are you standing on the edge afraid to take the next step?

Wherever you are on the journey, whichever dove you are, I encourage you leap.
We need your voice. We need your message. We need you to soar.

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