6568c_referpggraphic300pxRefer A Peep. Earn Thank You $$$

I believe that there are 15 soloprenuers, non-profit organizations, authors, speakers, coaches, practitioners, and heart-based businesses that I am meant to work with right now.

They are my peeps and I am their person!

So I am on a mission to find them. And you can help.

Spread the word, find a peep, and I will happily, gladly, gratefully send big thank you monies your way.

The referral fee is 1/2 of the peep’s first month’s fee. (That could be $150 – $1500 or more gorgeous dollars just for you!)

Here are the how to’s:

1. You spread the word and make the referral introduction.

2. You let me know via email, phone, text or tweet that you might know a peep. Give me your name, their name and a way I can contact you.

3. Your referral contacts me (or I contact them if you/they prefer).

4. They become a peep and pay their first month’s fee.

5. I contact you and shower you with money love!  (Now you see why #2 is so important! I need to be able to find you to share the abundance.)

Here are the details (aka the fine print):

I only have space for 15 peeps across various levels ranging from $300 to $3000 and more.

Each level has a designated number of spots. I will only be paying thank you money for the 15 original spots. So if you make a referral and the original spots are filled, I am sorry, but no referral money will be paid. (I would, of course, still love your referrals!)

Here are some tools/ideas to help you spread the word:

1. Make sure you read the content on this site so you are familiar with the way peeps works.

If you have questions, you can contact me. I would love to chat and tell you more about Peeps.

2. Notice the bonus offer for my first 15 peeps. The custom-designed, personal mandalas I create are beautiful … a $229 value.

3.  Do you know anyone who runs a heart-based business or a non-profit and is needing budget certainty and tons of creative flexibility and support? Share that you know of a resource that might be a perfect way for them to control their budget and get professional, gorgeous graphic design support. You can direct them to the website onevoicecan.com/peeps. Or have them call or email me.

4.  Do you know someone who is starting a new venture or launching a new product/program, or an author who needs a book design + all of the support materials to get the word out? These make perfect peeps. You can have them contact me via phone or email, or direct them to onevoicecan.com/peeps.

5.  Here is the link to site if you want to share on your facebook page or via twitter: https://onevoicecan.com

Thank you for helping me find my Peeps!