The FAQs

1.  What is an Equal Energy Exchange?

When I enhance your life/business (by creating design solutions to help you successfully share your message) in exchange for your money in an amount that equally enhances my life, we have created an equal energy exchange. My design has value to you. Your money has value to me. This concept is not based solely on hours spent, or even monetary project value. It is based on a sense that we have equally and fairly exchanged my energy (time and talent) for your energy (money). The key to the success of this concept is to make that exchange feel equal and to co-create with a sense of respect and fairness.

When you become a Peep, I become your creative partner. We communicate often. We work as a team. Our goal is to share your message consistently, with beauty and with power. Even if I am not actively creating something for you, I will be holding space and thinking about ways we can share your message.


2.  How much does it cost? How do I pay you.

Agreements range from $500 to $2500* per month. Payment is due monthly. I will issue an invoice and you can pay me via paypal or by check. If payment is not received prior to the start of the next month work will cease until payment is received.

*Most clients fit perfectly within this range. If you have a project load that is too small or too large to fit in this range we will create a container that fits your needs.


3.  How do you determine what level is right for me?

I am committed to filling my days with ease and with grace … and to allowing space for creative freedom and flow. Pricing, estimating and time tracking does not support this. So I took a deep dive and analyzed the over 7,000 design projects I have completed for hundreds of clients over the past 20 years. From there I developed pricing containers based on business type. It is really quite simple to figure out where you fit.*

$500/month if you are a solopreneur, author, coach or small business with ongoing design support needs.

$1000/month if you are a coach/author/speaker with a large practice and ongoing product/program/speaking needs, or a mid-size business, or mid-size non-profit, with a steady flow of projects.

$2500/month if you are a corporation/large organization/large non-profit with ongoing design needs and a large variety of projects.

*Most clients fit perfectly within this range. If you have a project load that is too small or too large to fit in this range we will create a container that fits your needs.


4.  How many clients are you taking?

While I do not have a set number of spots determined, I am committed to giving each of my clients my very best energy so I will be limiting the number of peeps I work with.


5.  Do I have to sign a contract? Can I cancel?

We will each sign an agreement, but it is not a long-term contract. The agreement is month-to-month and can be cancelled by either party with a 15-day notice. We continue to work together until the arrangement stops serving one or both of us.


6.  How do we know if our exchange is working? Do I get monthly reports?

We will be talking often so we will always be checking in. I do not track my time and I will not be issuing reports of any kind. I also do not track the amount the work you give us against your monthly fee. This is what makes an equal energy exchange. As long as we both feel good about the exchange it is working. You will see the results by the quality and quantity of the work we are producing for you.


7.  What if I don’t create everything I had planned on creating? Do I get my money back?

You can cancel our agreement at anytime with no further fee, but no money will be refunded. I will begin working for you the minute we sign an agreement, so any monthly payment you have made will be considered compensation for that time. It is important that you have a high level of commitment to moving forward with your project(s) before you sign an agreement. My primary motivation is to help you consistently share your message, so this “no refund” policy helps to ensure your commitment, motivation and action.


8.  Does my monthly fee cover everything?

Your monthly fee covers design and production of your projects, as well as all of our one-on-one working time. It includes print estimating, print coordination and file prep but does not include actual printing fees. It does not include website design, copywriting, strategic planning or any other marketing tasks. Out-of-pocket expenses (including image purchase) are also not included.


9.  How often can I call you?

Part of our work together will include phone and meeting time. As long as we both feel we are having an equal energy exchange, we are good.


10. How do I know you do quality work?

I have been designing for 20+ years. I have completed over 7,000 design projects for hundreds of clients. My work is highly intuitive. I work to find the most powerful and compelling way to give visual voice to your message. You can view samples of my work here  or read kind words from people I have supported here.


11. Do you offer a guarantee?

Any fees you have paid are non-refundable. However, you may cancel at anytime. I do guarantee we will work very hard for you beginning on day one, and we will produce a significant amount of tangible work. Whatever work we complete is yours, even if you cancel, and even if we have invested significantly more time than the fees you have paid. So your risk is very low.


12. This sounds to good to be true. What are the limitations?

Our agreement is not without boundaries. If the energy exchange begins to feel unequal or disrespectful (on either side) we will have a conversation and make needed adjustments. This agreement simply does not work if either of us feel the exchange is not fair and respectful.