Working Together? Yes, I think we should.

Gorgeous graphics to attract your perfect peeps …
Book design to give your words a luscious place to live …
Mandalas to help you manifest your heart’s desire …
or amp up the magic of your message.

Just click-click on whatever makes your heart say Yes! You’ll be auto-magically transported to a page with all of the details.

Intuitive Graphic Design

Your voice matters. Share it with gorgeous graphics, intuitively designed to make your message resonate with your perfect people. I’ve created a way of working together that honors your budget and encourages creative freedom and flow. Click here to learn more.

Book Design

You did it! You finished your book. I’ll hold your heart and your hand, while I create a cover and an interior lovingly and intuitively designed to magnify your message. The details are right here.

Journey Mandalas

Whatever you are seeking in your life … it is seeking you. Whether you’re feeling stuck, working on big shifts, or wanting to bring something gorgeous into your life, a Journey Mandala will deeply connect you with the energy you are seeking.  Learn more and start your own journey right here.

Coloring Mandalas for Coaches, Teachers and Healers

That message you share in your coaching, teaching or healing practice? It rocks. Let’s amp up the power with a coloring mandala, custom-designed just for you. You provide the word and the message you want to share. I create the mandala. Your people color. Moments filled with “aha” abound. Click for all the details.


Feeling like want you to work together, but not sure how?

Let’s talk. Just contact me here and we’ll explore what you need. No hype, no salesy yuck (I promise). Just a lovely conversation to figure out if we are meant to work together.


Not ready yet, but still want to stay in touch?

No worries. I’ll be here when you’re ready. (I’ll even leave the light on for you.) In the meantime let’s stay connected, k?

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