Intuitive Graphic Design

Your work matters. To you … to your people … to the world. You’re ready to go big … bold … brilliant. You’re ready to say “yes” to your message with professional, gorgeous, intuitive graphic design solutions.

You want to work with a designer who will passionately support you in sharing your message … in every beautiful way possible. Someone who will intuitively and intelligently create graphic solutions that capture the heart of your message.

You have fabulous, creative ideas … ways you can share your message … products and programs you can create. You need space to let your vision unfold. You need creative flexibility.

AND you also need budget certainty.


It’s time for a new model …

For the past 20 years I’ve completed over 7,000 design projects using the traditional, fee-for-service, hourly-rate model. And, for many years it worked perfectly.

Until it didn’t. I still loved the essence of my work, but the money stuff (estimating, tracking hours, endless invoicing) was sucking every ounce of creativity right out of me.

At the same time I noticed that my clients’ creativity was being stifled. They were constantly worrying about their budgets. They were spending precious hours trying to create their own graphics. Or, they were looking for the cheapest solution they could find on the internet, settling for “less than lovely” design and “relationships” with no personal contact. Or, they were giving up on their projects altogether.

None of this felt good.

So I created a new model I call emPowering Energy Exchange Partnerships (aka PEEPS)

This new way of working creatively together gets the money stuff out of the way and lets the creativity soar. It is designed to encourage you to get your message out of your heart into the world. It is designed to support creative freedom and flow. For you and for me.


How it works …

You choose the one-time project or ongoing project option. We talk to make sure we are a fit and that the pricing structure feels good. And then we embark on the wildly creative adventure of sharing your message.

No estimates, no time tracking, no surprises. And No Contracts. No more shutting down those moments of creative inspiration with, “wait, can I afford to do this?”

Nothing but collaborative, free-flowing creativity.


Working with me might be perfect for you if …

You own a small (or even tiny) business and you have BIG dreams. You want a creative partner who will help you get your message out of your heart and into the world. You want beautiful, professional, “wow, that’s gorgeous” graphics to match the brilliance of your message. You have a small budget and need to maximize every penny. You can‘t afford to work with anyone who does not totally “get” your dream.

You work with a non-profit organization. You need to communicate with those you serve (and the donors who so generously support you) in impactful and meaningful ways. And, you need to make every dollar matter. You need someone who can honor your budget, and support your mission with powerful, results-oriented graphics. You want a team member with the desire and heart to serve.

You’re a busy, prolific author/speaker/coach. You’re passionate about your message and want to spend your time creating and sharing your gift through books, programs, products and events. You want a creative partner who can help you package and share your message in bold and beautiful ways. You want an easy, reliable, flexible system that helps you manage your time and your budget.

You have a medium or large organization and need budget certainty and creative flexibility. Your budget is fixed, but your graphic needs are not. You have no way of anticipating your changing design needs, so you are looking for a highly professional designer who will provide project flexibility, while understanding and honoring your budget.


We might not be a good fit if …

You need someone who will track every hour and provide monthly status and accounting reports.

You just aren’t ready (or don’t need) to share your message with boldness, brilliance, freedom and flow.

The idea of working collaboratively and intuitively makes you cringe.

You can’t, don’t or won’t support boundaries, equal energy exchanges, and working with ease and with grace.

You love the idea of going on the internet and getting someone to design your logo for $5.


What it costs …

There are two ways we can work together:

Ongoing Project Support (aka PEEPS)
If you have numerous projects throughout the year and/or want to balance your design budget, then this is the most cost-effective choice for you. This agreement provides my best rates and comes with budget certainty and tons (yes, tons!) of creative flexibility. I only work with a small number of peeps, so every peep gets my attention, my energy and my heart.

$500/month if you are a solopreneur, author, coach or small business with ongoing design support needs.

$1000/month if you are a coach/author/speaker with a large practice and ongoing product/program/speaking needs, or a mid-size business, or mid-size non-profit with a steady flow of projects.

$2500/month if you are a corporation/large organization/large non-profit with ongoing design needs and a large variety of projects.

Note: Most clients fit perfectly within the containers above. If you have a project load that is too small or too large to fit in this range we will create a container that fits your needs.

It really is that simple. We talk. We explore your needs. We agree we are fit. You pay your monthly fee. I bring my crew onboard. We become your design team and meet your creative needs. That’s it. Full of ease and grace. Need more detail? Click here for a deeper dive into the FAQ’s.

One-time Project Support
If you have a single project or a small group of related projects then this agreement is the best choice for you. One-time support is for people who do not have ongoing design needs (or want to try one project before diving in).

Quoting design projects can be tricky. And creating standardized price lists for these services can be dang near impossible. There are so many variables and unknowns. But I am 100% committed to creative freedom and flow. I want to fill my days with ease and grace, and focus my energy on creating, not pricing. So I developed what I call pricing containers. These containers make it easy for me to give you a price for your job with a simple phone call or email.

Fees for *most* projects range from $500 – $2500. (Some are more, some are less, but most fall within this range.)


How to get started …

So … do you have a design project we can create together? Or, maybe you know you want to be one of my peeps.  If you find yourself saying “yes” or even “maybe” let’s connect.

This isn’t a “click-the-button-to-buy-now” sort of thing. We are creating a relationship – an emPowering Energy Exchange Partnership. That starts with a conversation.

So, say Hi in the form below and I’ll get in touch within 48 hours. We’ll connect and we’ll chat. I won’t try to sell you, or hook you, or make you do anything that does not feel like a perfect fit for you (+me). Promise. No pressure. Just connecting, exploring and discovering if we are meant to work together.


Want to know more …

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