Presence_012214_600pxYou Matter. Your dream, your desire, that thing you long to believe about yourself, and that thing you want to create and manifest … It ALL matters. 

Journey Mandalas help you remember. And remembering helps you manifest.


Alive with color and full of magic, Journey Mandalas are created to help you let go of the stories you tell yourself, and remember the truth:

You can (and are supposed to) have every beautiful thing your heart desires. You are not broken. There is nothing to fix. You have all you need, right inside you. Right now.

You just have to remember.

Journey Mandalas help you clearly and confidently say, “Yes! Please!” to all that you desire. And then they gently remind you to believe in yourself and allow your dreams to manifest.

Because that is exactly what the Universe wants for you. It wants you to live your dream-come-true life. It wants you to walk around being the powerful, awesome, gorgeous human you were created to be. Promise.

Journey mandalas are designed to be talismans, touchpoints and anchors. They’re beautiful, sparkling, colorful reminders from the Universe. They call out to you and say, “That thing you want in your life? That thing you want to remember? Here it is. Right here. It is yours. Just say YES.”

They aren’t just pretty. They’re powerful. Mandala in Sanskrit means “container of sacred essence.” I use a word (or words) you select to create your mandala. So I am literally taking the energy of that word and placing it in a sacred container for the essence of your heart’s desire. You’re not just putting some pretty thing on your altar or your desk. You’re bringing the energy of the thing you want to manifest into your space.

That’s what makes Journey Mandalas so powerful. They’re not just a wish, or a hope. They’re real. You can see them. You can touch them. You can hold them up to the light. You can hold them to your heart. They’re a physical manifestation of that thing you desire. When you really “get” this, you will see magic happen.


So what is it you seek? What is your heart’s desire?

Maybe you desire more love … more peace … more prosperity. There’s a mandala for that.

Maybe you want to believe that you are “enough.” Or that your voice matters. Maybe you’re longing to remember why you’re here. There’s a mandala for that.

Maybe you’re seeking a sense of wellness, or joy, or power or grace. Maybe your desire is for abiding courage, or to do the work of your heart, or to live with deep passion. There’s a mandala for that.


Here’s how it works.

Part of the joy and magic of your Journey Mandala coming into your life is finding the word (or words) that fully embody and express that quality you desire. The process is a heart-to-heart exploration, where I create sacred space and we connect with the energy of your mandala to discover how to most powerfully hold the energy you seek. We have a 30-45 minute conversation, where we will dive deep to find the word that will have your heart saying, “Hell, Yes!” and will give me goosebumps. Hint: The word is almost NEVER what you “thought” it was going to be. This process is truly magical and starts the energy flowing the minute we land on your word.

Once I have your word(s), I create a unique, one-of-a-kind mandala from that word. I use markers, glitter pens, metallic pens and watercolor pencils to add color, texture, sparkle and depth to your mandala. I embellish it with the brilliance of Swarovski crystals and then matte it to bring out the depth of the color.

Your mandala arrives ready to display on your altar, your desk, or at your bedside. After it arrives you simply sit with it, let it be in your space, meditate on it, notice it, and allow it to help you remember.


The creation of your mandala is a sacred process for me. I ask for just the right design, just the right color and just the right energy to be infused into your mandala. I fully believe that each mandala comes from Spirit. I am just the conduit. Your mandala is there to serve you and to help you manifest and live your most beautiful life.

From the minute we start your discovery session to that magical moment when you hold your mandala in your hand, you will feel the connection to your heart’s desire. And it is that connection that creates the manifestation. 



Here are the details.

The finished size of your mandala is 5 x 7 (perfect for your altar, your desk, or your bedside).
It is delivered to you matted and ready for displaying (or framing if you’d like).
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
Every mandala is custom designed and is an original work of art.



I want you to feel 100% comfortable about your mandala. So if you have any questions, just contact me here and I will get back to you within 48 hours. Let’s make sure you’re comfy and happy before you order.


If you feel a nudging inside, urging you to “yes,” it just might be your mandala calling to you. I invite you to listen to that whisper. Say yes to your heart. Say yes to your dream. Just click below and you’ll be prompted to pay and will then be taken to my scheduler. NOTE: The price below is for the conversation and the mandala.

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