Mand_Shanks_IVow_xY&L_300pxYou are wildly in love with the gift you share with the world. You know it can make a difference … change a life … add meaning. You go deep with your people. You want them to get your message down to their toes.

Introducing Mandalas for Coaches, Teachers and Healers …

one-of-a-kind coloring mandalas, lovingly created to add more magic to your message.

Adding mandala coloring to your practice, your program or your retreat facilitates active meditation, aha moments, and creative inspiration. Imagine how full-of-amazing it would be to have your peeps color a mandala created just for you. A mandala designed from a word (or words) you choose to magnify the mojo of your message.


Here’s how it works …

You provide the word or words you want me to use to create the mandala. You can also choose to add a short phrase to place under the mandala. (Which is a perfect way to amp up the message you want to share.) For tips on how to select your word and/or phrase click here.

I create the mandala using the word you choose. This mandala is exclusive to you. While I may use the same word or words for other mandalas I create, I will never use YOUR mandala in any other way. I place the saying under the mandala in a font designed to enhance your message. I can add your website or other contact info you might want. I also include (very small) my copyright and website at the bottom of the page.


What you can do with your mandala …

Print it and use in your practice with your clients.

Include it as part of your workbook, ebook, program or other teaching materials.

Use it to promote your program. (Let your creativity soar. One super smart coach I worked with did a coloring “contest” on facebook to talk about her upcoming program.)

What you cannot do with your mandala …

Use it as a logo.

Use it as art on any product you sell (t-shirts, posters, calendars, cards, etc.)

Sell it as a stand-alone product.


What it costs …

$75 for 1
$50 each for 2 or more.

File is provided to you as a pdf.
Finished size is 8.5 x 11.
Delivered digitally.
Allow 2 weeks for delivery of your mandala(s)
Order via Paypal and you will be prompted to provide the details I need to complete your mandala.

$75 for 1:

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$50 each for 2 or more:

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Psst … Have ideas for creative ways to use mandalas in your practice? Let’s talk. Let’s create. Just click to contact me. How fun will that be?

Here are just a few of the things I have created with coaches and healers I love …

A Mandala for a workbook cover to capture the energy of the product.

A custom-designed mandala coloring book with the author’s words, my design and my mandalas.

A card deck containing the coach’s empowering messages.