Anchor and Amplify Your Word of the Year with Sacred Mandala Art.

It’s Word of the Year time. Everywhere I turn people are talking about the annual ritual of finding (or being found by) their chosen word.

When we find the right words they feel sacred. We commit to them. We embrace them close to our hearts. In return they guide us, inspire us, and challenge us to live into the promises they hold.

But here’s the thing. Our words can’t serve us if we receive them and then forget them.

We need to be with them. We need to live with them. We need to hold them in our hearts …  our minds … our space.


This is exactly why I created Word of the Year Mandalas.

I invite you to give your word every chance to serve you and become your reality.

Make it tangible … bring it to life … treat it like royalty … give it sparkle and let it shine.

Give yourself something physical to connect to.

Bring it into your space where you can see it and experience it every day.

Make a deep and abiding commitment to your intention with something of beauty, designed to help you remember your promise.

The closer you hold your word, the more you remember it, the more love you send its way, the more likely it is that it will become your reality.


Introducing Word of the Year Mandalas.

Mandala in Sanskrit means “container of sacred essence.” Your personal word of the year mandala will be created using the letters of the word you select.

This means your mandala becomes a container to hold the sacred essence of your personal word, phrase or theme. No two are alike. You’re not just putting some pretty thing on your altar or your desk. You’re bringing the manifested energy of your chosen word into your space.

Your Word of the Year mandala will be a talisman and a touchpoint. The color and sparkle will gently call to you, inviting you to remember, embrace and embody the promise of your chosen word. 7296b_Julie_825px


Here’s how it works.

1. You choose your word or short phrase. (Or you allow your word to choose you.)

2. You select 3-4 colors that make your heart sing or “feel” like the energy of your word.

3. Once I’ve received your fee via PayPal, I email you. You share your word and color choices. (Don’t know your word yet? No problem. Just pay your fee, reserve your spot, and provide your word and colors when you are ready.)

4. Using the letters of your word, I create a unique, one-of-a-kind mandala. I connect to the energy of your word and ask the perfect mandala to come through for you. I use markers, glitter pens, metallic pens and watercolor pencils to add color, texture, sparkle and depth. I embellish your mandala with the brilliance of Swarovski crystals and then matte it to bring out the depth of the colors you have chosen.

5. Your mandala arrives ready to display on your altar, your desk, or at your bedside. After it arrives you simply sit with it, let it be in your space, meditate on it, notice it, and allow it to help you magnify the intention of your word as you journey through 2018.



Here are the details.

The finished size of your mandala is 5 x 7 (perfect for your altar, your desk, or your bedside).

It is delivered to you matted and ready for displaying (or framing if you’d like).

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Every mandala is custom designed and is an original work of art.

(Note: Your Word of the Year Mandala is for your personal use. If you have ideas for commercial use, let’s talk and work out the details.) 7296b_Jennifer_825px


I want you to feel 100% comfortable about your mandala. So if you have any questions, just contact me here and I will get back to you within 48 hours.


If you feel a nudging inside, urging you to “yes,” it just might be your mandala calling to you. It wants to come into your life and gently remind you to commit again and again and again to your chosen word.

Your mandala wants to help make your dreams for 2018 reality.

I invite you to listen to its whisper.


Early Bird Sale Price: $100 through November 22, 2017

Price changes to $132 on November 23, 2017

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